Every client has a different objective – that’s why at Black Vanilla we have an extended team that we call upon, depending on the brief. We think of them as our extended family. They bring a diverse set of skills and experience to help us create the best possible outcomes for our clients. Here are just a few of our close friends…

Gemma Ainger

Media Planning Consultant

Expertise: Gemma has over a decade of experience in consumer marketing.  Planning, buying, implementation and analysis on a local, regional and national media level.  Predominately working for two market leading brands locally and in the UK.

Background: As well as Gemma’s experience within the strategic Regional and Local Marketing Planning team at Specsavers, she’s also lived in the UK working in the marketing team for TUI Travel who own well-known brands Thomson Holidays and First Choice Holidays. Gemma has an extensive amount of marketing experience across a broad mix of media.

Why we love Gemma: Also known as Meg (Gem backwards), Gemma is a passionate and motivated team player. Her experience across a huge variety of media platforms means that she has the ability to integrate both traditional and new media, ensuring that a client’s media plan is working most effectively for them.

Outside of work: Gemma has a very active little boy who loves pirates, a 7 month little girl who is just adorable, and a husband who loves his array of bicycles.  She also enjoys picking up a camera and occasionally taking time off from being ‘mummy’ and having tea and cake with the girls.

Favourite film: Love Actually.
Favourite holiday destination: New York, Tanzania, Bali…too many to choose from.

Jon Pettitt

Media Production Consultant


Expertise: Jon frequently assists Black Vanilla clients with bespoke media, events and communication solutions. He is a passionate creative with an incredible eye for detail and enjoys working with a wide variety of media platforms.


Background: For the last 20 years, Jon has been working with animated and video-based screen applications, live events of all sizes and a host of related applications. Jon has been involved with Black Vanilla since the company started but over the past year he has become an essential part of the team and involved in a number of local campaigns.


Why we love Jon: Also known as Jock, Jon is full of fresh and innovative ideas. He brings fun, mischief (and soup) to the Black Vanilla office as well as a unique and creative approach to new and ongoing projects. It is also highly likely that office pranks will somehow involve him.


Outside of work: Jon is a true outdoorsman who takes great pride in designing and developing property. Sustainable and locally grown food is his passion along with rearing his own farm animals and home growing an impressive selection of veggies.


Favourite film: Anything by Tarantino – especially Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained.
Favourite holiday destination: Italy for its fantastic food, culture and landscapes.

Claud De La Mare

PR & Social Media Consultant


Expertise: Claud is a freelance PR and social media consultant who assists Black Vanilla across various campaigns and projects. Over the past few years she has successfully run her own communications consultancy providing a wide range of services including copywriting and online content management.


Background: Claud’s career began in London working as a features assistant for The Telegraph and Marie Claire. After gaining a wealth of media experience she spent some time working for various agencies before deciding to return to island life. In 2011 Claud began working with a number of local businesses in the finance, hospitality, recruitment and sport industries as a freelance consultant.


Why we love Claud: Claud lives and breathes social media, and the abundance of her experience in this field makes her the #BlackVanillaSocialMediaGuru! In addition to this she brings a great deal of glamour and style to the Black Vanilla team.


Outside of work: You will often find Claud pounding pavements, beaches and dirt tracks as she loves to run. She has completed two marathons and has so far raised an impressive £5,000 for charity!


Favourite film: Coco by Chanel.
Favourite holiday destination: Visiting her family villa in the South-East of France with her husband.

Sharon Alabaster

Graphic Designer


Expertise: Sharon is a freelance graphic designer and an expert in producing adverts, brochures, stationery, banners, posters and much more for a diverse range of clients. Visual communication is her forte and she has been working closely with Black Vanilla for the last three years.


Background: Completing a typesetting apprenticeship at Flowline Printers is where Sharon’s career began. She went on to work for a local advertising firm and since 2008 has been self-employed working for clients in the retail, tourism, finance and beauty industries.


Why we love Sharon: As well as an exciting talent, Sharon has over 30 years of experience. That makes her extremely knowledgeable when it comes to creating something both unique and effective. Plus, thanks to her friendly and easygoing nature, she’s a pleasure to work with.


Outside of work: Sharon enjoys painting and for three years running she has won first prize at the North Show for her watercolour masterpieces. She also enjoys reading, photography and a spot of gardening when the sun is out.


Favourite film: The Bond films – especially Skyfall.
Favourite holiday destination: Cruising across the Mediterranean.

Chris Carter

Marketing Consultant


Expertise: The world of brands, marketing and communications is Chris’s speciality as he enjoys working with a number of different communication channels including retail and digital. As a freelance marketing consultant and brand strategist, Chris offers the Black Vanilla team ad hoc assistance across a wide range of local and national campaigns.


Background: Chris has a breadth of experience across events management, strategic planning, communications and brand planning having worked for successful marketing agencies in London for a number of years. In 2012 he began working directly with client businesses and agencies in both the UK and Guernsey and is now an integral part of the Specsavers marketing team.


Why we love Chris: A brilliant sense of humour along with an undeniable passion for the marketing and advertising industry is what makes Chris such a valuable member of Black Vanilla’s extended family.


Outside of work: Chris enjoys playing golf (badly – he says), cycling along the beautiful coasts of Guernsey and spending time with his two children.


Favourite film: Goodfellas
Favourite holiday destination: Italy because it’s awesome

Steph Brun

Creative Director


Expertise: Steph manages his own local design agency and has an incredibly artistic mindset. He assists Black Vanilla with numerous creative projects from graphic and website design to copywriting and brand management for various clients. His creative abilities are limitless, having worked with a range of different industries including finance and retail.


Background: Steph has 22 years of experience in advertising, brand and design. He has worked for agencies in Guernsey, Birmingham and Sydney and has successfully created a number of truly original campaigns. Steph has been working with Black Vanilla since 2013.


Why we love Steph: His brilliant sense of humour and easygoing nature is guaranteed to brighten up your day. He is always striving for the best and takes great pride in his work. Beware of leaving sweet treats around the office, as they tend to go missing when Steph is around.


Outside of work: Steph enjoys spending time with his wife, little boy and their two dogs. You will also be able to find him writing fiction and screenplays or working hard at weight training when he gets a moment to himself.


Favourite film: John Carpenter’s The Thing
Favourite holiday destination: New York