The Dandelion Project is all about bringing the community together to help make Guernsey a better place to live. The individuals behind this inspiring movement decided to host an independent event following the same principles as the world-renowned TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design).


The aim of the event was to inspire guests to make positive steps in order to improve quality of life on the island through the use of engaging and interactive seminars. All aspects of the Tedx St Peter Port required detailed organisation and management alongside an important PR plan to give the event maximum exposure. Technical and creative elements also needed to be managed in an efficient and cost- effective way.

The Black Vanilla approach

Black Vanilla took on the role as event manager, organising all aspects of this highly recognised and important event. This included the fundamental details such as the venue arrangements, invitations, the guest list of 100 attendees, ticket purchases, the programme, ad hoc client requests and catering. The use of traditional and modern forms of media gave the event an exceptional amount of exposure within the local community and attracted the attention of politicians and key figures in Guernsey.


Black Vanilla’s Media Production Consultant with over 20 years of experience handled all of the audio, visual and lighting requirements from staging to screen content. A comprehensive itinerary along with accommodation and travel arrangements was organised by the Black Vanilla team in preparation for visiting speakers travelling from the UK.


Financial management was also provided, ensuring that the client achieved their objectives within their budget range. All logistic and general administration processes were carried out flawlessly thanks to a great deal of hard work and careful coordination.


The event was a sell out and received a fantastic response from both guests and speakers. Shed Simove, a professional speaker on creativity and innovation, said the event was, ‘hugely inspiring, brilliantly organised, super slick, incredibly engaging and phenomenally entertaining.’