Black Vanilla strongly believes that we have a role to play in our community.

By working with and supporting projects that we truly believe in, whether that’s via client projects and objectives

or by directly supporting local charity work, Black Vanilla has a strong sense of corporate social responsibility.

The Dandelion Project

The Dandelion Project believes that every islander has the potential to offer our community something. Whether it’s a particular talent, spare time, a personal passion or skill…we all have something to offer and together we can improve our way of life.


The Dandelion Project believes that together we can release that potential and make Guernsey an even better place to live.


The world is changing every day.  Making a big difference at a community level does not require the resources of a government or formal infrastructure. The capability of small groups of people to make a real difference is already here and that provides us with a fantastic opportunity.


There has never been a better time for a community like Guernsey to unite to inspire bold action. Guernsey is both a town and a country. It is the perfect societal model to come together to try out new ideas for the benefit of the local population.


The Dandelion Project


The Bridge2 charities are run on one fundamental ethos. Simply put, it is to understand and determine the requirements of those in need and then to apply all possible resources to meet those needs.


In today’s world it appears that the major worldwide charities blanket-cover a disaster situation, only to leave it when the dust has settled. Bridge2 carries on working with suitable projects such as those found in Sri Lanka, Haiti and more recently the Philippines.


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