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We’ve made a lot of friends during our 10 years in business, many of them have been with us right from the start, while others have joined us along the way.

We asked some of them to spread a little birthday love by sharing a few words about why they like Black Vanilla (and we couldn’t resist chipping in ourselves!)


Jade Isabelle, Founder & Director Black Vanilla  

‘It feels like we’ve come such a long way since Black Vanilla’s launch back in 2008. It’s amazing to think that we’re here celebrating our 10th anniversary with so much history behind us.

‘I’m so proud of the work we’ve achieved; from long-running media campaigns and knock-out events to high-profile PR projects and copywriting work that’s been seen both on the islands and across the UK.

‘For me, work is about the people you work with rather than the company itself, and I’ve been lucky to work with and meet so many people along the way, and I’m looking forward to meeting many more.’


Chris George, Chris George Photography

‘I really like working with Black Vanilla because they are very organised and are easy to work with at events or shoots for corporates.

‘I’ve captured many moments for them, from local sporting events to charity fundraisers and corporate parties. I always get a thorough brief and I know I’ll get the help I need on the ground to make the job go smoothly. Happy Birthday, BV!’


Nichole Culverwell, Director, Black Vanilla

‘Black Vanilla has been my home for over two years and I love being part of the BV team. I know, it’s a cliche, but no single factor, skill or person makes it work. Everything we do is a collective effort, a coming together of specialisms, particular skills, knowledge and ideas; a particular kind of alchemy that not only produces excellent results but also make the hard work fun and rewarding.

‘I love Black Vanilla for our clients who ‘get’ what we do and the value we bring to their businesses; I love our fantastic office, our standout brand and the work we do every day.’


John Halker, neighbour

‘Just one more bit of Toblerone – just one.  I’m not sure whether it’s the slightly treacly texture or the combination of nuts and chocolate, but there’s something about Toblerone, isn’t there?

‘Sitting, chewing quietly, a moment of inspiration comes to me.  It’s not the Toblerone, it’s who you share it with. It’s like love really – it’s no good just being in love, or loving, it’s the person or people that you love.

‘I have a confession – I love the girls at Black Vanilla.  I’m a neighbour, and I try to be a good neighbour, but I get so much more from them than they could ever imagine, and heaps more than they ever get from me.  They keep me on an even keel, they help me keep my sanity, they make me laugh and smile, they look after dogs, they do childcare, they stick great inspirational quotes in their window, and they do that thing which is the noblest thing anybody can ever do – they make other people’s lives better.  So, I love the girls from Black Vanilla, and not just because of the Toblerone, honest….’


Catharine Haywood, PR Consultant, Black Vanilla

‘It’s been great to work with a local agency whose work extends beyond the Channel Islands.

‘I’ve had a fantastic opportunity to work on national brands from Guernsey, while also working with several home-grown businesses that are doing so well over here. That level of diversity certainly isn’t something I take for granted.’


Jock Pettitt; Spark, Dandelion & Delta

‘Working with the team at Black Vanilla has always been a well-crafted balance of fun and laughter with attention to detail and professionalism.

‘Their attention to detail has given me the confidence to trust event management and logistics roles to them time and again, freeing me to focus on the production and creative elements knowing the dots have been well and truly joined. High praise indeed from a details person with more than a little OCD.’


Alisha Smith, Account Executive, Black Vanilla

‘It’s not often you wake up and are happy to come into work in the mornings.’

‘No one day is the same in the BV pod. I’ve only been here 17 months and have learnt so much in regards to PR, events, social media; the list goes on. This is down to the amazing team I work with, who I am now lucky enough to call some of my closest friends.

‘As one wise BV bean once said ‘teamwork makes the dream work!’’


John Fernandez, BBC Guernsey

‘Working with Black Vanilla is always a delight, not just because they’re friendly and efficient, but because of the simple fact they get ‘it’.

‘What’s ‘it’? It’s that Guernsey is a little bit different and requires interviewees/contacts/press calls to be flexible and in that respect, Black Vanilla always go above and beyond to meet my needs.

‘Whether it’s been working at ITV or the BBC, my contacts at Black Vanilla and the staff there has always been a pleasure, and I always look forward to working with them.’


Beth Brown, Social Media & Events Executive, Black Vanilla

‘I love Black Vanilla because some of the work we do is dedicated to islanders. I get a great sense of satisfaction by organising local events, knowing it will cultivate the strong and unique community spirit we have in Guernsey.

‘It’s great to go to work every day knowing I’m doing a little bit for our island.’


Gemma Haggarty, Founder, Bridge Digital

‘Due to the scope and demands of the clients we work with, we need a copywriting partner that can nail a brief and turn around engaging, accurate copy in double-quick time – Black Vanilla never fails to deliver.

‘It’s great to work with a local agency that boasts global expertise and I’d recommend them to any organisation that is looking to boost its comms strategy and work with a team that’s at the top of its game.’


If we haven’t had a chance to work together over the past 10 years, then why not drop us a line? We’d love to get to know you. hello@black-vanilla.gg and 01481 729 229.

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