Communications operator JT wanted to continue the momentum gained from their Best Networks campaign through the JT “Summer of Music” schedule.


The Music Moment events delivered a feel-good factor for the brand along with an emphasis on growing the Guernsey marketable base and increasing JT’s social following on Facebook.



The aim was to leverage commercial offers and drive new customer growth by:

  • Promoting the Jersey Live offers and JT’s sponsorship of The Gathering;
  • Exploit and drive awareness of Best Network positioning and JT’s support for music in the community, together raising brand awareness and driving local engagement;
  • Underlining JT’s commitment to the local community.

The Black Vanilla approach

Black Vanilla’s objectives were to provide JT with local insight and event management for their Summer of Music campaign here in Guernsey.


Black Vanilla suggested that the existing ‘Summer of Music’ plan be supported and complemented by a series of ambient, outdoor and social media drives.We wanted to remove the ‘ulterior commercial motive’ that could be assumed by some of the public and instead give them a more fun and friendly approach that catered for a wide variety of music lovers.  We provided JT with over a dozen creative event and social media ideas to choose from.


Black Vanilla carried out all event organisation and implementation along with providing our social media expertise.  As with all of Black Vanilla’s events, our personal touch, attention to detail and regular updates meant that the client was well informed and happy with all developments during the run-up to the three-week programme of Music Moments.


Elements of the campaign were so successful that JT invited one of the Music Moment artists to make a special appearance at The Gathering and our branded piano was also used in their VIP area at the festival.


  • 29 different ‘Music Moments’ played over a three-week period, including a pop up branded piano to drive user generated content;
  • 209 new Facebook Page likes;
  • 18 live films generated 18, 244 views on JT Facebook page alone;
  • Sharing and views on other Facebook pages, including My Guernsey page;
  • page – 1,900 views for a single live film;
  • Most popular live film – Toby Falla, 4, 886 views, Reach 11, 208;
  • Positive editorial coverage in Guernsey Press;
  • Exposure to over 14 local artists and their social media connections.


The result? Heightened awareness of JT’ sponsorship of Summer of Music in Guernsey and more social media engagement than ever before.