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28 Sep Copywriting Explained

We are a team of Guernsey-based copywriters who live to see our words on the page, a website or advertisement. So, of course, we had to put pen to paper and share our thoughts on the art of copywriting.

What is Copywriting?

Let’s start with a simple question, do you know what copywriting is? We’re often asked what copywriting is and why it’s a specialist skill, so I’m going to explain the role well-written copy plays in marketing and why writing for websites, advertising and editorial all take a different approach.

In its most simplistic form, copywriting is a way of crafting a compelling story.


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16 Oct Highest Professional PR Accreditation for Black Vanilla’s Director

We are proud to announce that one of Black Vanilla’s Directors, Nichole Culverwell, has achieved Chartered status (Chart.PR) with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).


Nichole leads Black Vanilla’s public relations team and has 25 years of experience in PR strategy development and campaign implementation in a wide range of sectors including health, finance and consumer goods.


She is also a member of the CIPR Channel Islands committee and is now one of approximately 220 Chartered PR practitioners in the UK.


Nichole has worked in Sydney, for brands such as Casio and Bausch & Lomb, and in London where she worked for Hill & Knowlton and in-house before setting up her own agency. Six years ago she moved to Guernsey.


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27 Sep Sustainable business and corporate responsibility

Uber – How Not to Build a Sustainable Business

How a business behaves is its licence to do business. Any organisation needs ‘consent’ to conduct its purpose; that consent might come from some kind of authority, or simply from the public it is selling to.


When Uber lost its London licence last week it served as a reminder of why businesses need to operate with a sense of corporate responsibility and with an eye on the long-term future rather than rapid growth. Both are important to maintain the consent that will help them ‘stay in the game’.


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18 Sep The ‘Rules’ a 21st-century Director Must Live By

By Nichole Culverwell ACPIR

Five critical factors that 21st-century directors must not ignore were cited by Rick Denton for his talk at a recent IoD lunch.


Rick is the first international representative on the Council of the Institute of Directors (IoD), and he is well placed to talk about directorships. He has drawn upon his 30 years of experience to develop what he calls ‘Rick’s Rules’.

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