The Cyber Crisis Communications Respond & Recover Package from Black Vanilla and Resolution IT

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Two local businesses have joined forces to offer a unique service to help organisations to minimise the reputational damage of a cyber security incident.

Resolution IT and Black Vanilla have launched the Cyber Crisis Communications Respond & Recover Package. This service gives organisations the tools and training they need to create a best practice communications plan and keep brand assets safe in a Crisis Vault.

The training, tools and secure vault will help organisations to meet some aspects of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission’s new Cyber Security Rules which are now in force. Having plans in place which mitigate any disruption caused by a cyber security event is a requirement, and best practice response plans include communications strategies. These also help organisations to ensure they can undertake essential communications activities during the recovery phase.

The package includes a half-day crisis communications training workshop and first-stage crisis communications consultancy should an incident occur. Organisations will benefit from the combined expertise of crisis communications and cyber security intelligence with specialists from Black Vanilla and Resolution IT.

Once completed, the communications plans and brand assets are stored in Resolution IT’s Crisis Vault, a secure server giving organisations 24/7 access to vital tools they need in the event that their IT systems have been compromised.

‘Being ready to communicate quickly and confidently in the event of a cyber security incident requires careful planning. Done well, you can reduce speculation and position the organisation as being in control and responsive to the needs of its customers and other stakeholders. This helps to manage the impact on those affected and minimise the risk of reputational damage,’ explains Nichole Culverwell, Director of Black Vanilla.

‘We’ve fused our knowledge of crisis communications with Resolution IT’s cyber security intelligence and systems to create this affordable package which will help organisations to respond and recover quickly, should a cyber incident occur.’

James Kelsh, Resolution IT’s Head of Information Security, said: ‘The GFSC’s Cyber Security Rules & Guidance and in particular their Respond principle note that businesses must have a plan in place. Communications should form part of that plan, hence our decision to partner with Black Vanilla to offer a joint Cyber Crisis Communications Respond & Recover Package.’


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