What is a brand story, why is it important and how do you discover yours?

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Brand stories are a hard thing to come by. Large businesses are like onions, layers upon layers of information and history. This means finding and communicating brand stories can be tricky.

By way of comparison, start-ups and small businesses are more like shallots. Smaller in nature but just as powerful in their output. Nevertheless, that’s not to say finding a small businesses or start-up’s brand story is easy.

The set-up package from our BV Bulb service is partnered with Rachael Cumberland-Dodd of Feed Marketing. This allows you to identify your business’s brand story and learn about the best way to share it.

What is a brand story?

Simply put, a brand story is the purpose of your business’s being – why you exist. At some point start-up and small business owners are tired of their 9-5 and want to pursue a career where they can show their personality and be fully passionate.

There’s a reason why you dived the depths for a new life, to take the world by storm, and it’s important to truly understand it and be proud of it.

It can be an emotional experience; in some instances, your business is an extension of yourself.

Why is it important?

Brands are like personalities – no two are the same. Your business is completely unique.

Your story is the same, it’s personal and it sets you apart from your competition. Not only does it give your business a face, but it makes you memorable and it begins the process of relationships and trust.

By identifying your story you’ll uncover a deeper sense of the purpose and heart of your business and how you’re set up to make a difference.

How do you find yours?

Finding your business’s brand story may feel like a scary experience and it’s not an easy process. However, whether you set up a week ago or a decade ago, the real reason of its existence may still be unknown.

To make a start, think about what made you create your own business: what was the reason, what did you want to achieve? Why didn’t you join another business instead of creating your own? What’s different about your offering?

If you want to carry on the process, you can contact Chris Leaman on chris@black-vanilla.gg or call 01481 729 229.

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