My Work Experience Here at Black Vanilla

Published On: March 9th, 2020Categories: Agency news, Events, PR, Social MediaBy

Hi there, I’m Ria and I have just completed a week of work experience at Black Vanilla. 

I have had a very engaging week and have had lots to do. I have also learnt a lot, especially about PR. It has been very intriguing to see what the BV team gets up to and how different every day can be for them – it’s never quiet or monotonous in the office!

The importance of research

Most of the work that I have been assigned this week has been based around research. It has made me realise how important research is, whether you’re planning campaigns or writing social media posts or blogs. I personally really enjoyed researching and finding out more about the way different clients like to represent themselves online. 


Every social channel is different

I have learnt that all social media platforms have distinctive ways of connection. Facebook is all about statuses, wall posts and pictures whereas Twitter has a much shorter post length and Instagram is all about the picture and a snappy caption.

I have practised writing a few social media posts about different things such as the social media takeover for BV and social media coverage for a client, as well as posts for BV relating to The Big Bake that we took part in on Friday.

I also have had the opportunity to write my own press release and edit it based on what the target audience is.


Out and about

I have not only stayed in the BV office during my experience, but I have been able to attend the Leaders event and hear Major General Patrick Marriott speak. This was a lot of fun, and what he had to say about being a leader was very inspirational.

I also went with Krista to do some filming and to take photos of new IoD Chartered Directors; I got to hear about their experiences, which was very interesting.

This week has been a busy one for Black Vanilla but the team made me feel welcome and really made a great effort to give me the full experience of what working in PR is like. I have learnt a lot from the BV team and the experience has helped me with my future career plans.

Thank you so much to Nichole and the team for having me and keeping me busy in the BV pod for the week!

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