‘Digital events’ are a low-cost and accessible way to educate, inform, entertain and put a human face to your business, allowing you to share your expertise and industry knowledge, to announce new services or to present research and thought leadership.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking webinars and podcasts are just for large businesses.  With ‘in-person’ events off the agenda for the foreseeable future, they are an opportunity for businesses of any size to connect, engage and communicate with clients, customers and colleagues in real-time.

Webinars, like any business seminar or networking event, allow organisations to connect and communicate with colleagues, clients and customers in real-time;

  • Like all good events, webinars give your audience the opportunity to ask questions and interact with presenters via instant polls giving you instant market research to better understand your audience and the challenges they are facing; and allowing you to change the direction of the podcast if necessary.
  • Live social media updates from the webinar are a way to further engage with your existing audience and attract a wider audience.
  • The real-time element of your webinar is your first hit.  Extend the shelf-life by recording it and making it available on-demand on your website extending the visit time; or repackage it to create new marketing content which can be distributed to an even wider audience making your webinar even more cost-effective.
  • They are an effective way to reach new audiences as they deliver data capture and potential for follow up emails.
  • Digital communication technology now plays a large part in our working lives, bringing people together in different jurisdictions in a way that is accessible to all and environmentally friendly.



  • Briefing call to discuss topics and speakers
  • Advice regarding the format of the webinar: keynote speaker, panel session, fireside chat, polls, Q&A and presentation slides etc.
  • Collating materials required such as speaker biographies, headshots, logos etc.
  • Drafting copy about the webinar topic and format
  • Advice on promoting the webinar


  • Use of Black Vanilla’s Zoom webinar platform
  • Set up of the webinar on the platform including branding, speaker information, live streaming options etc.
  • Set up of polls and other additional presentation assets


  • We will provide your speakers with a how-to guide on the webinar platform and respond to any of their questions before the event


  • We will act as the host for the webinar
  • Before broadcasting, we will hold a rehearsal and testing with your speaker(s)
  • We will be on hand throughout the webinar to assist speakers if required, manage polls and moderate questions (or we can co-host this aspect with members of your marketing team)


  • We will work with you on follow-up/feedback emails post-webinar, including those who registered but did not attend
  • Editing and packaging of content for distribution post-webinar either in audio or video format and for upload to your website and social media channels


  • The Black Vanilla media relations and social media team can assist in marketing the webinar through email marketing, social media posts and media release(s) to complement your existing marketing strategy.


The virtual nature of these events means you can think big.

Consider a series of webinars, linking the content under a single theme. In our experience, scheduling a webinar or podcast to take place at the same time each week or twice a month allows your audience to diarise it into their calendar and you will build a community.

Organisations can take this one step further with a webinar summit. This is a virtual conference with the content spread over a number of days or a week with a mix of webinars and podcasts – live and pre-recorded – in varying formats supported by papers, articles and features.

The beauty of a webinar is that you can have speakers located in multiple locations, bringing different perspectives together and giving the whole event a broader appeal.

If you are a multi-jurisdictional business, holding an event in this way means you can save on travel, time, venue hire, AV production and catering, leaving you more budget to create post-event content.

If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please get in touch; natalie@black-vanilla.gg or 01481 729229.