Black Vanilla offers an integrated approach to marketing. That means we create campaigns that harness the different communication capabilities of bought, owned, earned and shared media. We use these various approaches to create tailor-made marketing programmes that deliver tangible results.

You may have elements of your communications strategy already in place, you might be looking for a complete annual plan, or maybe it’s just a one-off campaign to boost brand awareness or launch something new – Black Vanilla will create a solution for you no matter what your objective or what you may already have in place.

If you’d like to take a look at some of the services that Black Vanilla offer you can download our brochure here.

Public Relations

PR is the process of maintaining good relations between an organisation and its audience or target market. PR can enhance your business’s reputation, help drive sales and create a buzz.

Creative Content

Carefully written content for print and online media can help you reach and influence your target audience; build brand awareness, spark dialogue, help SEO and support social media activity.

Communications Training

Upskill, stay relevant and increase your in-house capacity. From media training to copywriting and social media workshops, we offer bespoke in-house training as well as public courses.


Whether you’re looking to stand out from competitors, say thank you to staff or deepen your relationship with your customers, events play a vital role in today’s marketplace.