Bulb Step-Up is for those who have already launched their new business or are running a small business.

Congratulations on your launch; your website is live and you’re on social media! However, you might not be getting the engagement or results you’d hoped for. You recognise how critical good PR and communications are to the growth of your business, but have also realised that marketing is not your strong suit and you can’t dedicate the time you need to it as well as focusing on other sides of your business. You want support, but it needs to be affordable.

Some questions to consider

  • Is your social marketing strategy delivering the results you want?
  • Are your communications adding value or have you lost your marketing mojo?
  • Are your key messages getting in a muddle? 
  • Do you spend hours crafting a blog and getting no return on the investment? 
  • Does your website and its copy properly reflect your brand and communicate the right messages to your audience? 
  • What else should you be doing to establish a reputation, to reach your audience and to build relationships?

What’s involved?

This package is a six-month low-cost retainer, underpinned by a strategic review of your communications to date. We will check your approach, draw upon our experience to tweak your strategy and messages and then take the day-to-day marketing activity off your hands.

  • A questionnaire to learn more about your business, your aims, your target market and current media activity.
  • A short meeting to discuss your questionnaire and plan activity.
  • A review of your social media channels and website to assess where things could be improved, and also where things have been working.
  • A social media content calendar for the five months following the first planning and audit month.
  • Up to three social media posts per week, across up to two social media channels.
  • One blog post or LinkedIn article per month to enhance reputation, drive traffic to your website and boost Google ratings.
  • One basic branded graphic per month (or up to six in total, or two animations) to visually boost your social media messaging.
  • Advice on how best to use digital marketing, from sponsored posts to Google Ads to harness the online world to benefit you.
  • Monthly reporting on the above activity. 
  • Monthly advice on what type of media opportunities exist as relevant to you.
  • A ‘meet the business’ document that can be shared with media outlets, event organisers and award bodies to raise awareness of your brand and relevant newsworthiness.

What are the outputs and outcomes?

You’ll finish the Bulb Step-Up package armed with:

  • A robust, social media content plan and calendar.
  • Up-to-date social media channels.
  • Weekly social media posts.
  • Monthly content for LinkedIn articles or blogs (written and visual).
  • A ‘meet the business’ profile for use with media outlets and organisations to raise awareness of your brand.
  • Monthly reports showing the progress over the six months.
  • Ongoing advice on relevant media opportunities.
  • Ongoing advice and greater confidence in the use of digital marketing.
  • A higher level of confidence and momentum in how to communicate the value you provide to your target audience.

Who works with you?

This package is delivered by Black Vanilla. 


The above will be delivered over a fixed period of six months.

To find out if Bulb is right for you, please send an email to krista@black-vanilla.gg.