Public relations is used to help manage an organisation’s reputation and to develop and sustain goodwill with different audiences and stakeholders.


Public relations is what you do to earn a positive reputation. It builds relationships and amplifies a brand’s presence. It forms an essential part of any well-conceived marketing campaign and has many different disciplines. PR can influence and educate your customer; it can help to rescue or enhance a reputation, provide trusted endorsement, tell a complex story or get people talking about your brand.


From stakeholder management and business-to-business communications to internal relations, sponsorship and corporate social responsibility campaigns, Black Vanilla’s PR experts can advise you on the best possible approach for your objectives. Sponsorship, content strategies and social media will all support your brand relationships. PR is not limited to media relations and Black Vanilla will work with your organisation to develop a strategic approach to building your brand’s reputation, reach and relationships.


We have genuine PR experience and are well connected with the local media and many other specialist publications nationally and internationally. Whether it’s creating news, writing eloquent copy or advising on the best approach to a crisis, we’re here to help.


Our PR team is led by Nichole Culverwell. Nichole is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), and a Chartered Practitioner. Membership of the CIPR indicates a commitment to professionalism, ethics and adherence to a  code of conduct.


Our PR experts can talk to you about: