Bulb Train-Up is for those who might not be in the financial position to commit to ongoing support, but would like to brush up on their social media skills. 

Bulb Train-Up gives you the tools and training you need to go it alone with your marketing and the reassurance that you’re heading in the right direction.

Some questions to consider

  • Do you have the time but not the skills to implement your marketing plan?
  • Are you up to speed with the latest social media functionality and algorithms?
  • Do you know how to plan your social marketing?
  • What’s your content plan?

Let Bulb support and guide you.

What’s involved?

  • An online questionnaire to learn more about your business, your aims, your target market and current media activity.
  • A review of your social media channels and website to assess where things could be improved, and also where things have been working.
  • Up to six hours of training and advice, sharing our best practice and content ideas for social media, as relevant to you and your audience.
  • A content calendar template that you can use to plan and keep track of your social media and blog posts.
  • A toolkit covering the training material as relevant to you, with tips, tricks and useful apps/programmes that you can refer back to.

What are the outputs and outcomes?

You’ll finish the Bulb Train-Up package armed with:

  • A content calendar template
  • A toolkit which includes:
    • The training material from the session
    • Tips and tricks for posting on social media
    • Useful apps that will help with your social media
  • Knowledge and insight into the relevant social media channels.
  • Confidence in using the relevant social media channels

Who works with you?

The package is delivered by Black Vanilla.


The above will be delivered over a two-to-four-week period, based on dates agreed with you.

To find out if Bulb is right for you, please send an email to krista@black-vanilla.gg.