Podcasts allow individuals and organisations to connect and communicate with clients and customers with a mixture of opinion, interviews and expert content.

Podcasts are a useful digital medium to communicate complex information whilst building up an ongoing relationship with the audience. 

Thanks to affordable technology, podcasts are a low-cost way to educate, inform and entertain and the ability to access a podcast on demand makes them an attractive and popular way to reach wider audiences.

Podcasts allow you to meet the very specific needs of your audience and can be sustained over a long period of time, bringing in other expert voices to build endorsement of your brand.

Digital communication technology now plays a large part in our working lives, bringing people together in different jurisdictions in a way that is accessible to all, and environmentally friendly. 

Our podcast package includes the platform which captures download data, analytics and listening behaviour which will help you develop the content and format of your podcast.



  • A one-hour meeting to discuss the concept and content strategy for the podcast
  • Subscription for one year and set up of podcast platform
  • Provision of intro, transition and outro music
  • Production of a voiceover or ‘jingle’ should this be required
  • Production of artwork, following your brand guidelines
  • Supply clients with microphones to ensure high sound quality recording


Speaker Briefing 

  • Provision of a how-to guide on the podcast platform; how to record the podcast; and respond to any of their questions before the event.


  • Black Vanilla will act as the host for the podcast recording
  • Before recording, we will hold a rehearsal and testing with your guest(s)
  • Black Vanilla will be on hand throughout the podcast recording to assist speakers if required


  • Editing of the podcast: noise removal, editing out mistakes and pauses, voice enhancement, adding in intro, transition and outro music
  • Upload to the podcast platform and in turn to iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts etc
  • Embedding podcast onto client website
  • Link to podcast for use on social media


The Black Vanilla media relations and social media team can assist in marketing the webinar through:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media management 
  • Targeted media relations activity to promote the podcast and hosts
  • Digital marketing

If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please get in touch; natalie@black-vanilla.gg or 01481 729229.