When it comes to spreading your brand message or raising your business’ profile, you need professional and friendly staff who are comfortable working with the public.

Who doesn’t need an extra pair of hands? Our promotional staff can prove invaluable, especially when it comes to promoting your brand, product or service at an event or through live marketing tactics.


Whether you need to understand your audience better through the creation, distribution and correlation of tailored public surveys, staff a stand at an exhibition, distribute flyers or are holding a family fun day and need staff to hand out company merchandise, the Black Vanilla promotional team can help.

We are the only agency in Guernsey to offer promotional staff and brand ambassadors; which we will pair with your company based on how their skills relate to the job required.

Currently, the Black Vanilla promotional team can assist with the following:

  • Mascot wearers
  • Flyering
  • Survey collectors
  • Welcoming guests at events
  • Handing out promotional items
  • Brand representation at events
  • Models for advertising
  • Entertainment – singing/dancing

Need someone to hold the fort or lend a helping hand? Get in touch to find out how our team can help you.

If you are confident and would like to earn £££, you can download the application form here.


The virtual nature of these events means you can think big.

Consider a series of webinars, linking the content under a single theme. In our experience, scheduling a webinar or podcast to take place at the same time each week or twice a month allows your audience to diarise it into their calendar and you will build a community.

Organisations can take this one step further with a webinar summit. This is a virtual conference with the content spread over a number of days or a week with a mix of webinars and podcasts – live and pre-recorded – in varying formats supported by papers, articles and features.

The beauty of a webinar is that you can have speakers located in multiple locations, bringing different perspectives together and giving the whole event a broader appeal.

If you are a multi-jurisdictional business, holding an event in this way means you can save on travel, time, venue hire, AV production and catering, leaving you more budget to create post-event content.

If you would like to discuss this in further detail, please get in touch; or 01481 729229.

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