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Course Summary

Due to social distancing guidelines the tutor will be delivering this course real time in a virtual classroom on the appointed date or dates. You will receive instructions on how to join and interact once your course booking is confirmed.

This session covers the evolution of AI and deep learning, and recognises how using your data with the most recent evolutions in this field is essential to driving business sustainability and growth.

Data is now a critical element to the success or failure of any business.


This fully streamed session highlights:

  • how cutting-edge business are using data now, including what is possible
  • the evolution from statistical machine learning models to deep neural networks, and what has driven this strategy
  • demystifying artificial neural networks
  • examples of how you can use a combination of machine learning and the subset of deep learning to drive positive outcomes in your business

Course Benefits

  • Recognising where industry is now, and what is possible
  • Demystifying the latest deep learning models
  • How your data could redefine your business decisions, and how you interact with your customers

Tutor Profile

Malcolm Mason started his career as a programmer, and has subsequently held several IT roles in Air Defence, Telecommunications, Cloud and Security. Post completing an MSc in IT, he worked in Product Management focusing on Software, Cloud, Managed Security and Data.

Malcolm’s interest in Artificial Intelligence kicked off 5 years ago, when he realised the incredible power that deep learning models had over standard statistical models. He spends 20 – 30 hours a week studying, in addition to his day job, to both build up his own knowledge and to help others.

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