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At Black Vanilla, our dedicated social team has been hard at work deciphering industry trends as we head into 2024. The digital landscape evolves daily, and though predicting the future remains uncertain, here are some essential insights to navigate and anticipate what lies ahead.  

Social Media as Gen Z’s search engine 

As we approach 2024, a crucial realisation for the PR (Public Relations) and marketing industry is that the emerging generation utilises social media platforms as their sole search engines for accessing the latest news and information.  

This trend underscores the growing importance of successful SEO over aspects like traditional hashtags for example. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) integration into social media 

It’s hardly a revelation that AI integration into social media platforms is on an upward trajectory. From automated captions and audio to generated graphics and artwork, the influx of AI-driven tools is inevitable.  

The challenge for content creators lies in the delicate balance of using these exciting innovative technologies at our disposal whilst maintaining the irreplicable human touch. Navigating this dynamic will be crucial in delivering authentic content in this new AI-driven era.  

Short-form videos dominate content  

With short videos coming out as the most engaging content of 2023 it is likely this trend is here to stay. As platforms like Meta consistently introduce features to enhance user experience in crafting this content, our prediction is that short-form videos will persist in dominating various social media platforms. 

Authentic content resonates with users 

BeReal taking off in mid-2022 created a new type of content – authentic, real-time images. This imperfect, behind-the-scenes content resonated deeply with users across multiple social media platforms, sparking trends like ‘photo dumps’ and ‘albums’ on Instagram—previously dominated by enhanced, filtered and aesthetic images.  

In response to this shift, brands are increasingly opting to collaborate with genuine consumers rather than established influencers. This strategic choice enables brands to connect with a more targeted audience.  

LinkedIn repurposed  

In previous years, LinkedIn was predominantly perceived as a B2B platform, serving as a space for professionals to share career updates within their industries. 

However, our anticipation for 2024 suggests a shift. The platform’s expanding user base and diverse content offerings now attract more varied brands seeking to advertise products, forge meaningful connections and share content beyond the conventional realm of ‘thought leadership.’  

This change in formality has paved the way for authentic content, providing glimpses behind the curtains of beloved businesses. Yet, it also opens the door for disgruntled employees to voice opinions on LinkedIn. In navigating this evolving landscape, it is vital to strike a balance between fostering authenticity and managing the potential challenges that may arise from unfiltered expressions on the platform. 

‘The Everything App’ – one app to rule all 

The question on everyone’s mind. What is next for X?  

Elon Musk has made his ambitions clear, one app to rule all. And with the striking changes to have already occurred it is feasible that X may continue to grow in popularity. Delving into the rumoured features, including online shopping, audio and video calls, and even X-Dating, while simultaneously harnessing the platform productively for our clients, may pose a unique set of challenges. 

At Black Vanilla, we are constantly looking for opportunities to ensure our clients’ social media content stays current and relevant. If you’re interested in giving your organisation a voice on social media, please get in touch. or on 01481 729 229. 

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